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George (Foswiki)
Foswiki Community  (BCC to translation team members)

We have no blocking tasks left, so I'd like to build 1.1.9 ASAP.    It hopefully will be an important bug-fix release.  It addresses a number of minor issues, a couple of major performance issues, and some security issues.
  • Private test build:  24 Oct 2013 (and install on
  • Release Candidate: 31 Oct 2013,  or when translations complete, whichever is first
  • Release: 15 Nov 2013

The translated languages are very close to complete for 1.1.9 with only 5-8 untranslated strings.   It will hopefully only take a few minutes to catch these up to 100%. 

As soon as the translations are complete, I'll build the Release Candidate, hopefully well ahead of the 31st target date.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance in getting 1.1.9 released.

George Clark

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