Foswiki 2.1.3 Beta 2 is available for testing

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Foswiki 2.1.3 Beta 2 is available for testing

George (Foswiki)
We are pleased to announce that Foswiki 2.1.3 Beta 2 is ready for testing.  

Foswiki 2.1.3 Beta 2 has 60 fixes and 21 enhancements relative to 2.1.2This is primarily a bug-fix release.  As such there are no new features.  Beta 2 has been running on since January 23rd.  We hope to have a short Beta cycle and release 2.1.3 sometime early in February.

Help Wanted!: We need help testing this new release, and we need help translating this release.

And while you're looking, check out our new Foswiki Blog! It's now running on Foswiki 2.1.3-Beta2, along with the NatSkin and a number of optional plugins to enhance the experience.   If you have beta experiences to report (general comments, not bugs!),  please use our Disqus comment section on the new blog.

Highlights of this release

For Users

  • Several performance fixes improve Foswiki's responsiveness.
  • A user contributed WebSideBar toggle button can be enabled. This renders a small "Hamburger" icon to restore the side bar when viewing Foswiki on a small device.
  • Several markup issues when using the Wysiwyg editor have been resolved.
  • New release of JQuery resolves several upstream errors.

For administrators

  • A new PendingRegistrations page shows registrations awaiting validation and/or approval.
  • A potential major data loss issue was detected for sites upgrading from Foswiki 1.x related to Unicode DataForm field names. This release provides a workaround.
  • Improvements in bootstrap for certain Nginx, Apache, and BSD platforms and configurations, and when running Foswiki behind a web proxy.
  • Improvements in the Email configuration Wizard to better detect / support SSL Certificates.
  • The {Sessions}{CookieRealm} now applies to more cookies resulting in better sharing between Foswiki sites.
  • This release includes fixes for several "Severity 3" security vulnerabilities. See the SecurityAlertProcess. Details will be provided after 2.1.3 has been released..

On behalf of the Foswiki Association, the developers and the entire Foswiki community; Special thanks to all the developers, translators and testers who have worked to make this release possible.

George Clark
Release Manager, Foswiki 2.1
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