Foswiki 2.1.5 is released

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Foswiki 2.1.5 is released

George (Foswiki)
This sourceforge list is being shut down and replaced with lists hosted on

You can subscribe to the new discuss list at:

There is now also a foswiki-developers list which is more focused on Foswiki internals.  Any users with commit authority should subscribe to

Please switch your subscription over to the new lists ASAP.  This list will be shut down after the first of the year.

The Foswiki project is very pleased to announce availability of Foswiki 2.1.5

Welcome everybody to 2018! We start the year with another patch level release of the 2.1 series: 2.1.5 comes with 48 fixes and enhancements, 19 extensions have been updated.

You can download it from different locations immediately, see our download page for details. Please use our task tracker to report any issues. Or contact us on IRC or Slack to get live support. For installation information, see the System Requirements and the Installation Guide.

There are a number of fixes that are important for our users:

  • Linking to a Foswiki page from within MS Excel spreadsheet was broken due to the way Excel handles HTTP error codes.
  • Under certain conditions some formfields would reset to their default value when special characters are in the selection.
  • The RCS based store failed to load previous revisions of a topic when the underlying .txt file was edited.
  • Several cosmetic issues in configure have been resolved.
  • UpdatesPlugin was failing to show the extensions needing an update.
  • We fixed a broken SCRIPTURL when the Forwarded header contains a list of proxies.  (Foswiki 2.2 will have further improvements in Proxy support.)
  • A SystemV init script has been added for the FreeBSD platform.
  • Compatibility with latest Perl releases has been improved.
  • A body zone has been added to the default PatternSkin which brings it in line with NatSkin and fixes an issue when installing JQPhotoSwipeContrib.
  • Chinese (Taiwan), French, Italian, Ukrainian are at 100% translated. Czech, Danish, German and Klingon are well over 90% complete.
For more details have a look at the complete release notes.

Release Statistics
  • 118 commits (code changes) since 2.1.4
  • 9 Developers and Translators committed changes to this release
  • 48 Tasks had commits in this release
Special thanks to all the developers, translators and testers who have worked to make this release possible.

George Clark
Release Manager, Foswiki 2.1

(Note,  if you have received multiple copies of this announcement, we are still transitioning our email lists from Sourceforge, to our own email list server.  Please subscribe to the new Foswiki mailing lists ASAP at, as the Sourceforge lists will eventually be shut down.)

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