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Foswiki Connector to Googles Search Appliance

Hello Foswiki Community

We are evaluating Googles search appliance (GSA) for our intranet. In
order to feed the Swiss cheese like looking box from Google with
documents and its acl's we need a so called GSA Connector for Foswiki.
Just crawling the wiki content anonymous is not an option.

Now my questions:
- Has somebody experience with feeding Foswiki Content into a GSA
- Do you know of somebody operating a GSA with Foswiki content
- If in case we need to develop a Foswiki GSA Connector, would you be
   interested to offer together with an certified GSA implementer?

Please let me know.



André Lichtsteiner
Information and Collaboration Services
PSI Paul Scherrer Institut                       tel: +41 56 310 36 07
CH-5232 Villigen PSI                  email: [hidden email]

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