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Foswiki General Assembly 2017

Julian Levens
Dear Foswiki Supporters

Thank you for your support of the Foswiki Association. We look forward
to your continued support as we move the project forward.

The board would like to remind you of the next General Assembly (aka GA)
which will take place on Friday 7th April 2017 at 1100 UTC. Please get
involved and review and/or amend in general and
the proposed members for election to the board in particular.

This meeting will take place by IRC #foswiki-association. This has
proven to be an accessible and effective method for these meetings with
full logs available for review.

If you would like to become an Active Member with voting rights then
please update the agenda asking for Active Membership and attend the GA.

Thank you again for your time and support and look forward to IRCing you
at the next GA. Your input is really valuable to ensure a healthy
Foswiki Association and Community.


Julian Levens
Foswiki Association Board

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