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Question about CALC / request for help

Lieven Litaer
Hi there,

I hope somebody likes to help me with this. I'm sure it's quite easy for
some people.

Basically, I'd like to compare two files and find out which one is
newer. Maybe that already exists?

Going more into detail:
My wiki has several webs with their own language. Each web has pages
with identical names, which are connected using a DataForm.

Example: WebEn\Foo and WebDe\Fuu
In the dataform, there is a field named "EnDeField" containing the word
"Fuu" and the German form has a Field "DeField" with "Foo"

I know how to use this date for instance, to display things like "IF
topic in Web De exists, then make a link"

I have started a page with a simple search displaying corresponding En
and De pages next to each other.

The first problem is: How can I grab the date of the "other" page? Using
"$date" in the search does not show the right, and using the REVINFO tag
give me a wrong result (actually, 01.01.1970).

Next, I'd like to add something like "IF REVdate-english is newer that
REVdate-German THEN show, ELSE nop". (If possible, comparing the SIZE of
the file aouwld also be interesting)

I'm sure this all works using SET, GET, CALC etc, but I'm just not so
comfortable with that. Could anyone help?

If anyone is interested in doing it "on-site", go to this page:

(PS: Antworten auf Deutsch sind natürlich auch willkommen. German
answers welcome.)

Thanks a lot.
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