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Amanuensis (Whitby)
An update to my problems after my hosting service switched to Apache 2.4:
I more or less have it working again, after a lot of trouble, thank you to all who tried to help. However,

i) the password protection of the configuration script is not working as expected. One of these lines in the .htaccess file in wiki/bin seems to be causing trouble:

<FilesMatch "^(configure)$">
   SetHandler cgi-script
    ErrorDocument 401 default
   Require user xxxxx

iii) For reasons that aren’t obvious to me, I had to greatly simplify the .htaccess file for wiki/pub

Clearly I still don’t have a completely correct .htaccess configuration, so following the advice from George, I have asked my hosting service if they will enable mod_access_compat in the hope that I can then use the automatically generated Apache 2.2. .htaccess files from the Foswiki site.

A word of warning to anyone with as little experience as myself: when I attempted to follow Lynnwood’s advice to transfer the Apache 2.4 httpd.conf settings to .htaccess, it took me a long time to realise that Alias and ScriptAlias are not allowed in .htaccess, and so the +ExecCGI and SetHandler cgi-script commands have to be used in the .htaccess for the bin directory.

Regards, James
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