Release meetings, Major change in infrastructure Real Soon Now!

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Release meetings, Major change in infrastructure Real Soon Now!

George (Foswiki)
Hi all Foswikians,

The next release meeting for the upcoming Foswiki release 1.2  is this coming Monday, August 4 at 1300Z.  Meetings are being held at 1300Z on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month on IRC channel #foswiki-release.    See the minutes at  Things are getting closer to what will be a major release of Foswiki.

Please join us at our next meeting, we have some important decisions to make.   The project has been exploring a git / github migration for 4 years.  The original proposal was made on 14 June 2010 and the github mirror of our subversion repository has been running for several years.  Moving to github should make the startup efforts for a new developer easier than with subversion, and will also hopefully draw more contributors from outside the core foswiki developers. 

Assuming the next meeting gives the go-ahead, the Foswiki subversion repository will be changed to read-only following the meeting or at an agreed-upon date.   Following that change, infrastructure work will be needed to change to "pull" from github instead of the current push process.   A github hook will be enable so that changes on github will update the appropriate Task item on 

In the meantime,  developers should sign up for an account on as soon as possible.   Once your account is created, please add a comment to your original request topic:<WikiName>WouldLikeToCheckIn  with your github account name.   When we see the update, you'll be added to the FoswikiDevelopers or FoswikiCoreDevelopers groups on github.

Even if you already have access, Please do not update github directly yet!   (ie.  don't use "git push"  or "git commit"  for now.)   We need time to get the infrastructure on ready to track github activity.  We'll continue to use the Tasks web for bug tracking.

The documentation on how Foswiki plans to use git is at    Please update it with any questions or clarifications you need.

If you want to test running foswiki from a github checkout, the following is a quick guide to getting started:  Note that the minimum release of git for the following procedure is Git 1.8.2.   Older releases can still be used, but the clone process will be a bit different.
  • Change to the directory where you'll want the checkout to live
  • run:  git clone [hidden email]   (This will create an _allFoswiki directory)
    • _allFoswiki is an umbrella repository that links to the foswiki core and all default extensions.
  • Change to the _allFoswiki directory
  • run:  git checkout master     (or git checkout Release01x01)      Master is where 1.2 currently lives - similar to trunk
  • run:  git submodule update --init            (Initializes all the default extensions)
  • run:  git submodule update --remote      (Makes sure all the extensions are at latest version of the branch)
  • Change to core directory.    You are all set to pseudo-install your configuration
  • pseudo-install of any non-default extensions will automatically clone the github repository for any missing extensions.

There are still a few errors / warnings during this process that we have to work out,  but it does seem to work okay. 

And please give us a shout on #foswiki to let us know your experiences.

George Clark

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