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Reminder: Community-Decision-System

Eugen Mayer
Hello folks,

as only a few people raised a voice in the discussion, it might be that
this topic maybe a bit to far hidden.

Short summary: This is a proposal trying to introduce a way to make
decisions for Foswiki, involving the whole community.
Main goals or changes to the current ( if there is one ) way is:
- By setting deadlines and introducing a formal way of deciding,
decisions are not fogotten or maybe even taking for ever ( because e.g.
they are uncomportable )
- Announcing decisions and making a place to find all the current raised
decision, more members of the community can participate
- By extracting a facts-sheet with short summaries, also members with
few knowledge about the topic of the decision, can partipate and get
into it, without reading books.
- decisions can be viewed, older and current one. So you can see the
process of the project on that field. you can see what have been missed!

You can read it up in on

be sure not to miss the discussion on

Thank you

br Eugen

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