Sharing Foswiki on VPS node requires increased niceness.

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Sharing Foswiki on VPS node requires increased niceness.

Raymond Lutz
I have a problem sharing a VPS because Foswiki tends to be a processor
hog and other node users complain.
I added this line to Foswiki/Engine.pm

in the run method:

setpriority (0, 0, 19);

which increases "niceness" to 19, thus reducing its priority to a minimum.
I know this is not universally portable but it seems to go a long way to
solving my problem.

sub run {
     setpriority (0, 0, 19);    # reduce priority with niceness of 19

     my $this = shift;
     my $req  = $this->prepare();
     if ( defined $req ) {
         my $res = Foswiki::UI::handleRequest($req);
         $this->finalize( $res, $req );

-- Ray Lutz

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