The Foswiki Camp Autumn 2015 is postponed

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The Foswiki Camp Autumn 2015 is postponed

Jan Krüger
Hi everyone,

I wrote to the list a few weeks ago about the Foswiki Camp in Aachen, planned for this week.
Unfortunately we had a very low number of registrations and so decided to reschedule.
Foswiki Camps are a great feature of the Foswiki community, but with just two guests there
isn't really much of a crowd to make anything interesting happen. It's probably better to
find a new time that works better for more of us.

With that in mind, we will be organizing a replacement Camp in early 2016 and I will get
back to you all once we have a list of potential dates.


Jan Krüger
Modell Aachen GmbH - Interaktive Managementsysteme
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Tel. +49 (0)241 5380 8720
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