When is the optimal time for the mail-notification in Foswiki?

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When is the optimal time for the mail-notification in Foswiki?

Martin Seibert
Hi all,

I know, that I should create a wiki page for such a mail. But I am in  
a train right now. So please let me ask you the following:

- When is the optimal time for the mail-notification in Foswiki?

When talking about the email-notification feature in wikis our  
customers often ask me, when is the right time to send out the mail. I  
tend to answer:
"That depends on what your goal is. In the short run, you want people  
to understand that they can use the wiki to prevent mails, that are  
cycling in vain (just like this mail here!). So if you send the mail  
in the morning at 8.00 am you will get a lot of attention, because a  
lot of managers use the time frame of the early morning to work  
through their mails. In the long run, the email notifications add up  
to the pile of mails, that every employee regularly suffers from. You  
might want to shift the notification mail in the afternoon, so that it  
is not distracting people from their important work and 'value time'  
in the morning."

So, you see. I am not suggesting anything and have no glue. When do  
you send out your notification mails? Do you also send them out daily?

I am looking forward to get to know your strategies. :-)

Viele Grüße

Martin Seibert

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