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skins question

Lieven Litaer
Hi there,

first, I think I should introduce myself before I ask my question.

My name is Lieven, I am the admin of the Klingon Language wiki
( I am also involved in the translations team  where I
have done the entire klingon (tlh) locale, and also work on German,
French, and Dutch where needed. My native language is dutch, but I live
in Germany and speak German as well. I guess english is the main
language for this list.

Now to my question:
I'm struggling to set up my own skin. Yes, I have read the help files on
foswiki and I think I understand. But it still does not work, so maybe
I'm missing something. Perhaps there is a shorter way to explain?

The help file says that I only need to change ONE template file using a
new name (eg. view.myname.tml) and then add the line Set SKIN = myname
to the sitepreferences. Correct so far? - well, that doesn't work.

Also adding the ?skin=myname to the URL creates the wrong skin.

So what am I doing wrong?

I'm glad for any kind of help.

Admin for

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Re: skins question

Hi Lieven

Thanks for your intro. And for maintaining the klingon wiki.

Re your question:
1. You are doing the right thing. If you did exactly what you described, then
the extension of the template file is incorrect. The extension should be 4
letters .tmpl, not three as you write .tml. Change it and let us know what

2. If the three letter extension is just a typo in your description, then it
would help if you described "that doesn't work" and "creates the wrong skin"
in a bit more detail. Is there no change in what was there before? Or is there
no skin at all? Or are there some small variations? Is there anything in the
Foswiki or Apache error.log?

3. Finally, it may be useful to attach or refer to your template file. A
syntax error can have unexpected  consequences, rather than just "do nothing".

Best regards,
Bram van Oosterhout

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